The overall aim of the workshop is to present the CARBONES system and products to end-users, inform and exchange on CARBONES potential applications, and discuss user's needs and feedbacks in order to design, consolidate and promote CARBONES services.


4 December 2012; 9:30 - 18:00.




Brussels, Research Executive Agency (REA)


Morning Session : Presentation of the CARBONES products to users
• Welcome and introduction by the CARBONES coordinators
• Current knowledge and questions on the Global and regional Carbon Cycle
• Approach, solution and capabilities for the 20-year re-analysis of space and time variations of carbon fluxes and pools over Europe and the globe
• Presentation and demonstration of the CARBONES system, products and portal.


First Afternoon Session : Discussion with potential users
• Plenary discussion: CARBONES products with respect to user's needs, possible applications.
• Parallel open sessions (to be consolidated): 1) Technical questions (CARBONES capabilities and limits, uncertainties, validity, applicability to specific use, ...); 2) Further demonstration of the CARBONES portal/service; 3) Elaborate on specific CARBONES applications with interested users.


Second Afternoon Session : Scientific and Technical presentation of the CARBONES system
• Description of the assimilation tool, data and product characteristics
• Discussion on technical and scientific aspects of CARBONES/recommendations

We will update this page regularly as more information becomes available on the workshop.