Download data

Download all or part of the CARBONES output product


The final CARBONES product (V2 Feb 2013) is available for download at this location. This includes:

  • The gridded 20-year data for all fluxes and stocks, for all averaging periods and filtering options, as displayed on the maps. These data are supplied as netCDF files compliant with the CF conventions.
  • The spatially aggregated data for all fluxes and stocks, as displayed on the time series graphs. These data are supplied as CSV files. Note that the data can also be downloaded in CSV format from the time series graph page.
  • Data from other products in the same format as the CARBONES data, to facilitate comparisons between the CARBONES data and other products such as MACC II.

Note: if you use the Firefox web browser, you can download multiple files in one operation by using the free Firefox extension DownThemAll.