Official public deliverables of the project

Deliverable Number Date Title
D000.1 May 2010 Consortium Agreement reminder
D000.1 May 2010 Project Overview
D000.1 May 2010 Presentation of the Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System (CCDAS)
D000.1 May 2010 Work Breakdown and Deliverables
D000.1 May 2010 Project Coordination
D000.1 May 2010 Management Structure and Communication
D000.1 May 2010 Project Management / EC
D120.1 October 2010 CUAG meeting number 1 minutes
D210.1 October 2010 System requirements synthesis and justification
D220.2 October 2010 Report on the complementarities of CARBONES with other EU/National projects and outside Europe
D230.1 March 2011 Scientific tools and architecture definition document
D300.2 March 2011 Report on all data stream that CARBONES could benefit
D430.1 March 2011 CCDAS validation - Error estimations: parameter errors on base configuration
D520.1 March 2011 CARBONES portal description: simplified version V0
D530.1 September 2011 CARBONES Dissemination material V0
D420.1 February 2012 CCDAS system evolution report
D300.1 March 2012 CARBONES input and forcing data presentation
D220.1 March 2012 Services/Product Definition
D120.3 April 2012 CUAG meeting number 2 minutes
D120.4 April 2012 Detailed requirements
D610.1 June 2012 Report on the information brought by CARBONES about the carbon cycle
D410.1 June 2012 Description of the first version of the Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System (CCDAS)
D120.5 December 2012 CUAG meeting number 3 and users workshop minutes
D520.2 December 2012 CARBONES portal description, version V1
D530.2 December 2012 CARBONES - General presentation of the context, objectives and products
D240.1 January 2013 Feasibility and requirements for a Downstream Carbon Service
D000.5 March 2013 20-year re-analysis of CARBON fluxES and pools over Europe and the Globe - Summary for policy-makers

The links shown in the above table are the official public deliverables for the Carbones project as specified in the Description of Work.